Grantee Evaluations FY2010-2014

Grantees funded by the Office of Adolescent Health (OAH), now merged with the Office of Population Affairs (OPA), conducted rigorous program evaluations as part of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. The FY 2010-2014 TPP grantee cohort rigorously evaluated:

  • Replications of evidence-based programs to prevent teen pregnancy and/or associated sexual risk behaviors (Tier 1)
  • New and innovative programs to prevent teen pregnancy (Tier 2)

Study designs included random assignment and high-quality quasi-experimental evaluations. Evaluation technical support was provided to grantees to ensure rigorous methods and reporting.

Available grantee evaluation reports are posted on this page. Beyond the individual reports below, you can read summaries of the results for the TPP Tier 1 - PDF and TPP Tier 2 - PDF programs. You also can learn more about the other evaluations that were conducted on some of the TPP programs. Some reports are featured in a themed supplement of the American Journal of Public Health, released in the fall of 2016. For more information, read the summary of programs that were found effective at changing behaviors.

Tier 1 Replication of Evidence-Based TPP Programs

Tier 1 grantees replicated and rigorously evaluated evidence-based TPP programs.

Tier 2 Demonstration of New and Innovative TPP Programs

Tier 2 grantees evaluated new and innovative programs to prevent teen pregnancy or significant adaptations of evidence-based programs.