Evaluation of the TPP Tier 1B Grant Program

Key Questions:

  • What are successful strategies for taking a community-wide approach to preventing teen pregnancy?
  • What are the challenges and lessons learned from implementing this approach?

Study Design

This study complements the implementation evaluations being conducted by the individual Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Tier 1B grantees. While the individual evaluations provide insight into replicating TPP programs in specific communities, this project looks at that work as a whole. Key components of this study include:

  • A descriptive assessment that documents how the 50 projects funded through the 2015 Tier 1B program planned to scale their programs
  • A qualitative study to gather information about these grantees’ experiences trying to implement a community-wide approach

Study Findings

Findings from this study can be found here: https://opa.hhs.gov/research-evaluation/teen-pregnancy-prevention-tpp-program-evaluations/fy-2015-2019-opa-tpp-grant#Tier1B