Adolescent Health Facts

U.S. adolescents are increasingly diverse, and their health spans many areas, including reproductive health, mental health, and relationships. Adolescents’ experiences and behavior during these years affect their overall wellbeing and can have an impact on their lifelong health. OPA has created a snapshot of the demographic characteristics of U.S. adolescents, as well as several fact sheets on different health topics based on publicly available federal data on adolescents in each state and select island territories:

The specific timing of updates to the data sheets depends on the release schedule of the data used for each topic.

Additional Data Sources

Healthy People 2030 Goals for Adolescent Health

Healthy People (HP) identifies national public health priorities to improve health and well-being and provides measurable objectives and tools to track progress. Learn about HP 2030 objectives for adolescent health and well-being.

OPA’s fact sheets cite data sources for specific estimates. Explore these and other publicly available federal data sources for additional estimates on adolescent health in the United States.

Reproductive Health

Mental Health

Healthy Relationships