OPA Awards $19.2 Million in Grants to Develop Innovation and Impact Networks to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and Achieve Optimal Health

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Contact: HHS OASH Press Office

The Office of Population Affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services today announced the award of $19,285,680 for 13 new grants to organizations for “Tier 2 Innovation and Impact Network Grants: Achieving Optimal Health and Preventing Teen Pregnancy in Key Priority Areas.” The grants start on July 15, 2020 for a three-year project period.
Funded grantees will establish, fund, coordinate, and support a multidisciplinary network of partners to develop and test innovative interventions in seven key priority areas and will disseminate those interventions that demonstrate effectiveness. Priority areas represent critical systems, populations, and/or program components for which significant and strategic investment in innovation and testing is necessary to make an impact on optimal adolescent health, teen pregnancy, and STIs. The funded grantees include three grantees addressing the youth access to and experience with sexual healthcare priority area; two grantees addressing each of the following priority areas: caregivers, expectant and parenting youth, foster care/child welfare, and youth with disabilities; and one grantee addressing the juvenile justice priority area and one grantee addressing the youth engagement priority area.
The new grantees are listed below alphabetically by key priority area.

FY2020 TPP Tier 2 Innovation and Impact Network Grantees
Grantee Name Annual Funding Key Priority Area
Morehouse School of Medicine $1,860,000 Caregivers
Thrive, Inc. $1,378,520 Caregivers
Albany State University $1,174,860 Expectant and Parenting Youth
District of Columbia Primary Care Association $1,586,720 Expectant and Parenting Youth
National Center for Youth Law $1,211,370 Foster Care/Child Welfare
The University of Texas at Austin $1,860,000 Foster Care/Child Welfare
Policy & Research L.L.C. $930,680 Juvenile Justice
Fact Forward $1,839,280 Youth Access to and Experience with Sexual Health Care
Texas A&M University $1,860,000 Youth Access to and Experience with Sexual Health Care
Washington State Department of Health $1,859,770 Youth Access to and Experience with Sexual Health Care
Education, Training and Research Associates (ETR) $1,532,000 Youth Engagement
James Madison University $1,262,480 Youth with Disabilities
Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, Inc. $930,000 Youth with Disabilities



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