Utah State University

Logan, Utah

Grantee Details

TPP Grantee Type: Optimally Changing the Map for Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP20 Tier 1) – 2020-2023
Annual Funding: $1,157,267
Website: https://extension.usu.edu/hru/

Program Summary

Project Name: Flourishing and Strong Teens (FAST)

Project Overview: Utah State University’s Flourishing and Strong Teens (FAST) project will implement Love Notes Sexual Risk Avoidance to teens in alternative high schools and community behavioral health settings across four counties in Utah’s urban corridor. The goals of this project are: 1) empower teens with research-based information of healthy relationships and healthy sexual choices; 2) teach the skills needed for pregnancy prevention and elimination of sexual risk; 3) encourage factors such as self-regulation/self-control and intentionality; and 4) reduce risk factors (avoid sexual risk, provide cessation support). In addition, FAST provides resources for community professionals and parents/caregivers to strengthen their parenting knowledge and skills in order to better support youth served by the project. FAST aims to serve 1,250 youth annually.

Community(ies) Served: Alternative high schools and behavioral health clinics in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties

Target Population: Youth aged 15-19 in alternative schools and behavioral health settings; parents/caregivers and community professionals

Geographic Area Served (Urbanicity of Community): Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties, UT (Urban)

Average Anticipated Number of Youth Served Annually: 1,250

Contact Information

Dr. Kay Bradford, Project Director

Melody Bartel-Barenbrugge, Project Manager

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