PATH, Inc.

Portage, Indiana

Grantee Details

TPP Grantee Type: Replicating Effective Programs to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (TPP19 Tier 1) – 2019-2021
Annual Funding: $493,000

Program Summary

Project Overview: PATH, Inc. is a 501c3 educational organization whose mission is to equip, empower and encourage teens to make healthy choices through relationship, character building, and life skills education. PATH, Inc. will replicate Positive Potential™ (developed/published by PATH, Inc); an evidence-based curriculum, in four urban communities in Lake County, Indiana. The program will be provided to 8th graders in public schools, charter schools and the Lake County Juvenile Detention Center. The Positive Potential™ Curricula intervention is an evidence-based curriculum that uses a sexual risk avoidance/positive youth development approach that is culturally sensitive, medically accurate, increases protective factors and reduces risk factors for students. It does not normalize sexual activity. The program consists of 13 classroom education didactic curricula sessions, plus two booster assemblies for students ages 13-15. Students in four urban communities (Gary, East Chicago, Hammond and Hobart) will be targeted and are considered high risk, as evidenced by high county teen birth rates, high county STD rates and multiple economic indicators making them more vulnerable to teen pregnancy. The program will include a process and implementation evaluation during Phase I with an outcome evaluation designed to prepare for Phase II funding and will use independent evaluation firm, ITMESA, LLC.

Target Population: Black and Hispanic youth in 8th grade

Geographic Area Served (Urbanicity of Community): Lake County, Indiana (Urban)

Teen Birth Rate in Area Served (Per 1,000)*: 37.1 in Lake County, 53 for black teens and 58 for Latina teens in Indiana

*Estimates as reported by the grantee in proposal materials and not generated by the Office of Population Affairs.

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