Health Care Education and Training (HCET)

Indianapolis, Indiana

Grantee Details

TPP Grantee Type: Replicating Effective Programs to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (TPP19 Tier 1) – 2019-2021
Annual Funding: $493,000

Program Summary

Project Overview: Health Care Education and Training, Inc. aims to provide comprehensive program development, education, and training to improve reproductive and sexual health outcomes. To implement the Educating Communities for Healthy Outcomes (ECHO) Project, HCET will work collaboratively with two youth-serving partner organizations in southern and eastern Indiana: LifeSmart Youth, Inc. and Hoosier Uplands. The ECHO Project will provide substance use prevention and parent/guardian education to address shared risk and protective factors for teen pregnancy, STDs/HIV, substance abuse, and coercion. The goal of the HCET ECHO Project is to improve behavioral, social, emotional, and sexual health related outcomes for rural youth ages 14-19 in high school-based settings (9th and 10th grade) over the two-year project period. The project targets youth who are most at risk for teen pregnancy in communities with teen birth rates higher than the national average, high rates of sexually transmitted diseases, and high rates of substance use. The primary ECHO intervention is the evidence-based LifeSkills Training (LST), a skills-based substance abuse prevention program designed to promote positive health and personal development for youth. HCET will also provide parent education to support healthy communication and parental support. 

Target Population: High school youth ages 14-19 in southern and eastern Indiana 

Geographic Area Served (Urbanicity of Community): 10 counties in southern and eastern Indiana (Rural)

Teen Birth Rate in Area Served (Per 1,000)*: 29.5

*Estimates as reported by the grantee in proposal materials and not generated by the Office of Population Affairs.

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Abby Hunt

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