AltaMed Health Services Corporation

Los Angeles, California

Grantee Details

TPP Grantee Type: Replicating Effective Programs to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (TPP19 Tier 1) – 2019-2021
Annual Funding: $493,000

Program Summary

Project Overview: AltaMed Health Services Corporation (AltaMed) will implement the evidence-based Positive Prevention PLUS sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention intervention at high schools in East and Southeast Los Angeles. Three bilingual health educators will deliver the 13-module program to classrooms cohorts on consecutive school days. Lessons will include information on adolescent physical, emotional, and social health, and health educators will share information about local resources, including AltaMed’s Teen Clinic and its range of health-related services and youth development programs. The health educators will also conduct bimonthly Parent Information Workshops to introduce the participants’ parents to the curriculum, set expectations for parent participation in take-home activities, and support parents’ efforts to communicate with their children about sexual health. The primary goal of the project is to promote healthy adolescence and reduce sexual risk taking behaviors holistically among 1,013 Latino high school students annually in East and Southeast Los Angeles communities, resulting in healthy decision-making and reduced rates of adolescent pregnancy.

Target Population: Latino high school students

Geographic Area Served (Urbanicity of Community): Five cities and communities in East and Southeast Los Angeles, CA: East Los Angeles, South Gate, Bell, Watts, and Boyle Heights (Urban)

Teen Birth Rate in Area Served (Per 1,000)*: 26.6

*Estimates as reported by the grantee in proposal materials and not generated by the Office of Population Affairs.

Contact Information

Catherine Patterson

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