Adagio Health, Inc.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Grantee Details

TPP Grantee Type: Replicating Effective Programs to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (TPP19 Tier 1) – 2019-2021
Annual Funding: $301,000

Program Summary

Project Overview: Adagio Health will implement the Positive Choices: A Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program – an effort to provide pregnancy risk-reduction education to foster youth that combines an evidence-based risk-reduction curriculum with parent/caregiver engagement to help youth improve communication and negotiation skills so that they can communicate assertively, abstain from sexual intercourse, and use birth control effectively. This program will be provided to foster youth at Auberle, Allegheny County’s leading foster care services provider, and the 412 Youth Zone in downtown Pittsburgh, operated by Auberle, a center for young people ages 16-23 that are transitioning out of the foster care system and are eligible for independent living services or are experiencing unstable housing. Adagio Health anticipates that the Positive Choices program will be able to reach 25 youth every 60 days for a total of 225 youth in Auberle’s congregate/residential care setting and 90 foster youth from non-kinship foster homes, for a total of 315 foster youth over a two-year period. 

Target Population: Foster youth

Geographic Area Served (Urbanicity of Community): Allegheny County, PA (Urban)

Teen Birth Rate in Area Served (Per 1,000)*: 14.6 for girls 15-19

*Estimates as reported by the grantee in proposal materials and not generated by the Office of Population Affairs.

Contact Information

Ana Kay Yaghoubian

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